The JFT Party Band !

About The JFT Party Band!
John Nielsen, Frank Aragona, Caleb Horne and John Brummer performing
classic covers of rock, country, blues and folk from artists such as
Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett, U2, Journey, John Mellencamp Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Neil Diamond and many more.

Playlists are distributed that include over

100 popular songs of all genre. Patrons select the songs they want to
hear. Many are performed with audience participation. Every show is
led by that audience and every show is different.
Interactive Entertainment Everyone Can Be A Part Of !!

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John Nielsen:

John began his music habit by performing a solo act at area clubs.  A short time later, he had put together a playlist of over 80 songs..  His strength is his tight vocals and a fun-loving attitude that always gets the audience involved!  The playlist includes selections from Marshall Tucker, Springsteen, Buffett, Daimond, Cash, Jennings & Nelson.


Caleb Horne:

Our  bassest also provides us with Mandolin and Guitar and vocals too.  Caleb is a multi-instrumentalist and very talented musician.

 Frank Aragona:

A self-taught guitarist/vocalist from the age of 19, Frank grew up in the music-rich areas of Chicago.  He began playing professionally in 1987 and was classically schooled in music composition.  Artists that influence his style include: Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jimmy Page, & Eddie VanHalen.    Playlists include songs from U2, Journey, Police, Bad Company, a large repertoire of soulful blues and many moreā€¦


John Brummer:

Skilled percussion is what sets the mood, tempo and feel of the music.  It needs to complement, not overpower it.  John is a talented drummer who reads a room and leads the tempo of the band with perfection.